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Players across the country are preparing to compete in the upcoming NPPL, PSP, and PALS World Cup paintball series championships. Rumors are flowing that teams are preparing for hard battles to the podium. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors in division 1 paintball.

D1 Paintball Rumors

upTon 187 and Top Gun D1 are debating a move to Pro or Semi pro in 2012. ProPaintball insiders tell us that they will compete in whatever division the other team agrees on so that they have the opportunity to practice against another equally ranked team throughout the 2012 season.

upTon 187’s Dan Zaleski is rumored to have torn his MCL and won’t be able to compete at cup.

The Meat Hammers are coming to NPPL Vegas and word is that several pro legends will be rostered. ProPaintball insiders suggest Brian Cole (ret. Dynasty), Todd Martinez (Infamous), Matty Marshall (ret. XSV) and others will be playing at the 2011 NPPL Vegas Championship.

TKO has called it quits. According to TKO’s Coach Ron Smarac mentioned that the division 1 team just didn’t have the drive anymore. Some players will be playing with RNT AllStarz at PSP World Cup. Sorry to hear the team is done.

RNT All Starz will be headed up by Jerry Desvarieux and is said to be a last hurrah. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for those guys.

Seattle Thunder is rumored to be adding a D-1 team to the program for 2012.

Thomas Mantoni from New England Hurricanes may not be making it to World Cup due to other commitments.

HK Army is rumored to be competing at NPPL Vegas as well. Rumors suggest Raney Stanzack, Kenny Rosenberg, and several others may be returning to the paintball field to compete against the meat hammers.

Cross Eyed Paintball‘s D2 team will be making their debut at World Cup. Sources suggest if all goes well the team will be moving to Division 1 in 2012.


We were only able to touch on a few of the divisional paintball rumors floating around. What rumors can you add to the list? Share yours in the comments below.



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