The Canadian Xtreme Paintball League has made a major addition to the series. According to a press release we have received, pro paintball legend and industry manufacture Bob Long has become league commissioner.

The CXBL would like to welcome Mr. Bob Long to the CXBL family as the League Commissioner effective immediately.

Mr. Long will shepherd the maintenance, enforcement and formation of rules that govern the league.  In addition, he will oversee the CXBL committee.

Bob brings over 35 years of experience to the CXBL – a lifetime of game achievements as both a player and a coach (including 9 World Championships, overseas wins and player and coach of the year awards).  Mr. Long has a life-long passion for paintball which has also seen him innovate many products that have helped define our sport.  The Intimidator paintball marker, electric eyes and vertical feeds can all be attributed to Bob and his tenure of paintball.

“The CXBL is super excited to have Bob amongst our ranks” said Joey DeCaire, the spokesperson for the CXBL, “His invaluable experiences on and off the field will serve to help us bring the best possible events to our players.   He knows this sport from the inside out – he helped to form it and mold it to what we know today.   Thank you Mr. Long for seeing the value of Canadian paintball, we look forward to having you in our corner”.

“The CXBL has always been an international league that people talk about.  When I was approached to help bring my experience to this established league I was excited and humbled” exclaimed Bob Long.  “The CXBL is the premier paintball league of Canada and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the league”

The Canadian Xtreme Paintball League (CXBL) was formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2005. For over 10 seasons, the league has been considered the sole professional tournament series in Canada. Comprised of approximately 100 teams with over 1,000 players spread across Canada. You can follow the CXBL online


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