Another big name joins DerDer!

Nick Cucuzza aka “Brooklyn” of Cucuzza Productions will officially be filming and editing for DerDer for the remainder of the 2012 season, beginning with the NPPL Surf City Open. DerDer Productions now boasts an all-star cast made up of founder, Rob Astamendi, the infamous Danny Quinn of DQ Films, and the newly acquired Nick Cucuzza.

Read on for background information on Cucuzza and more on the future of DerDer.

Cucuzza, the Brooklyn-born Ohio University alumni, started his career making video-game highlight videos back in Brooklyn and had never played a game of paintball before 2008. It wasn’t until he arrived at OU that he decided he wanted to join the paintball club and get into the sport. (He showed up to OU X-ball try outs and played for his first time rocking shorts, a wife-beater, and a gold chain.) Once he played he was hooked, and it wasn’t long before Nick realized he finally had a new means of sharing his passion for video production by filming and editing competitive paintball.

After making several videos for the Ohio University NCPA team and, Cucuzza got his big break teaming up with Dave Pando and filming for APG magazine. His work with APG landed him a gig filming promo videos for the PSP, the gig that got Rob from DerDer’s attention…

“Both DQ and Cucuzza have demonstrated that they can edit and film tournament paintball efficiently” explains DerDer Rob. “My objective is to keep Cucuzza and DQ busy with as much work as they wish to have. They are both talented and seem eager to create great paintball videos.”

DQ and Cucuzza each have their own unique style, but that’s only going to create better content according to Danny Quinn. “Working alongside nick is going to be an adventure. He’s hungry to make some great videos. He doesn’t mind working extra hard, and his skills are constantly increasing. Our styles are very different but when you’re producing as much content as Derder is this year, it helps to have different styles of filming and editing.”

Here’s what Cucuzza had to say about his new partnership with DerDer: “Danny and I are going to put our heart, blood, sweat, and tears into all of our upcoming projects. With the experience of Rob guiding us along the way, we will produce some amazing stuff for the paintball community to watch. It will be honor standing in lanes and wiping off lens shots next to these guys. You can expect an enormous
amount of HEART in the future of DerDer… so be on the lookout ;)”


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