CONFIRMED: Federov will be activated for Event 2 of the NXL

 CONFIRMED: Federov will be activated for Event 2 of the NXL

One of the best players in paintball history, Konstantin Fedorov, will make his return to the NXL after missing the last two major events due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel. After missing World Cup and the season opener at the NXL Sunshine State open, Houston Heat will be activating him for event two of the season.

Our insiders have reported that Konstantin is landing in the US today to begin practicing with Houston Heat and preparing for event two. When asked about missing the last two events and working around the travel restrictions, Fedorov simply said “Its been hard”

I also had a chance to get Federov’s thoughts about the newest addition to the team, Tyler Harmon. He had this to say;

" He (Tyler Harmon) is a great player and I watch him a lot. He has a really good ability to read the game and is very skilled. He will definatley help!"

With Federov being activated, Tyler Harmon being added, and a roster loaded with some of the most talented players in paintball, Houston Heat instantly becomes the favorite to dethrone Impact from their current status as the leagues top team. 

Quinn Nadu

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