Rumor of the day: College Paintball to air FREE! webcast

televisionMany paintball players and fans were upset after the recent announcement that the PSP would not be able to air their high quality webcast at the pro paintball season opener in Phoenix. With that being said, it looks like College Paintball is making a big push into the homes of Sports fans nationwide. Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip from the NCPA.

Pro Paintball inside sources have informed us that Chris Raehl of the National College Paintball Association and Fox College Sports have once again inked a deal to broadcast paintball on television! Please note that nothing official has been announced by either FCS or the NCPA at this time.

With that being said, we’ve heard another very credible rumor that paintball players, family members, and college sports fans will have the opportunity to watch all the college paintball action via a LIVE webcast! Pro Paintball sources have said indicated that this webcast will be FREE. Previously FCS broadcasted their television episodes around early summer so we anticipate that you will be able to watch paintball on tv via Fox College Sports around June of 2010. The webcast will be run through FCS Broadband and episodes will eventually be released on WOW!

If you missed the 2009 College Nationals on TV, be sure to check out the following match up between the Ohio Bobcats and the Purdue Boilermakers on Hulu and the 2008 College Nationals final matchup between UC Irvine and Illinois State.