Yesterdays post stirred up a hornets nest on pbnation. 173 responses and 9 pages later we receive an official response from Chris Raehl. Not sure if he’s speaking on behalf of the league or anyone in particular but he’s the man behind the APPA and therefor a credible source.

As far as the rule goes, it is a fairly old rule. It is not legal to play on a field that has been set up as it will be used for the event, for obvious reasons – no matter what the layout, you’re dealing with inflatable bunkers and each time you set up the field things are going to have a few inches of variance which change the details of how a field plays, and if a team has played a field and had a chance to learn those details, that would obviously be an advantage. Although when the rule was first written, it was back in at least the 10-man days, when there was a different layout on each field and the only place you could even play the layout was at the event as there were always special bunker shapes that no one else had.

No team played the NEO layout as set up for use during the NEO event prior to the NEO event.

Edit: Unless someone snuck in and played at 3 AM in the morning on Wednesday night or something.


If the rule is out of date, the staff should obviously have it removed from the rule book otherwise its going to create confusion (especially in this case).

The staff definitely cleaned and resetup the field. The league really needs to decide if this is or isn’t against the rules and make the calls/corrections accordingly.

We definintely appreciate Chris lending some insight to the situation.

Third, and more or less related to the PBNation discussion. The chalk marks were gone with the first of the rain/hail storm- unfortunately we couldn’t snap pics in time. At least we can thank the rain for cleaning up the mess!

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