Chris Lasoya joins Pacific Paintball

Ponyboy Chris Lasoya “will be involved with the company’s Web Development and providing consulting in many other areas Pacific Paintball is involved in.”

Word has it hes working with PB2X & to bring them up to snuff. Does this mean more editorials or a real “refresh” is in the works?

This is a good sign that the league is trying to position itself for the long run. While some may not like the attitude Chris brings with him on the field, he has played professional paintball for 20 some odd years and carries a ton of respect within the industry.

Earlier this week we covered the announcement from Nicky Truter (NPPL Announcer) that the league is making the internet broadcast pay-per-view, alot of concern has arisen that the league is not holding up to its promises. Many of you remember Shawn Walker earlier in the season promising that the online broadcast would be free for the 2008 season.

Will Chris will be able to revitlize the league and bring them to their senses? Where should he start? Share your opinion in the chatbox..