Chicago Open Paintball Tournament – Wednesday Scores

propaintball-iconThe battle for Chi-Town is definitely heating up. The games have been action packed and the barometer is reading out 100 degrees. Todays games have featured a few blow outs (sorry Mystery Machine!) and some close calls. Check out the photos below and then read on below for the latest paintball news, scores and gossip from the field.

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  • Mutiny took the Vipers 7-2.
  • Vicious stuck it to the Mystery Machine 7-0.
  • XSV took a 7-0 win over GC Mafia.
  • Atlanta Edge had a slow one, winning 5-3 over Mutiny.
  • RNT defeated Badlandz Mystery Machine 6-1.
  • San Diego Aftermath II took the Vipers 6-1.
  • Vicious beats out Edge, 7-1.
  • RNT Allstars walk away, 7-0 against GC Mafia.

As far as gossip goes, the Rhodes brothers from Atlanta Edge showed up to the event, walked the fields and left 5 minutes before the match against Mutiny. Word has it they quit the team and went home. Many may recall that when the Rhodes brothers previously played with Tampa Bay Damage in D1 last Chicago, they quit mid event. Two for two!

Adam Geis from Mutiny played hard against Atlanta Edge. After the match, EMT’s diagnosed him with heat exhaustion. This is a great reminder to drink pedialyte and stay hydrated!!