Chicago Open Paintball Update – Day 1


Note from JM: We are on location at the Chicago Open 2009. Be sure to check back frequently as we bring you the latest paintball news, paintball gear, and the inside scoop from the event. For those of you on the move and unable to login to a computer, feel free to access on your cellphone; our site will automatically adjust to your phones browser.

Chicago Open – Day 1

The weather is hot and the tensions are rising as the Chicago Open kicks off in high gear. The event, being held at the Recreation and Aquatics Center in Bollingbrook, IL, will continue throughout the week and finals will take place on Sunday. As typical of a major paintball event, lots of pre-game chatter is going back and forth between the teams as they prepare to play one another.

For those of you at the Chicago Open, be careful out there as heat advsiorys are in effect and local radio hosts are announcing that asphalt is cracking due to heat on various freeways throughout the western portion of the city. The event is being held outside of Chicago, but never the less, keep yourselves hydrated with lots of pedialyte and ample amounts of water. We are currently looking at humidity at around 70%; try to stay cool and out of the sun when your not playing so you can keep yourselves at your peek.

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As far as the event itself is concerned, teams spent a good portion of yesterday retrieving players from the airports, walking fields and registering for the event. The event layout has been changed up from that of last year and according to View from the Deadbox, its definitely taking extra time to find the field your team is set to play. Plan on arriving early boys! This morning, divisional play kicked off their first set of games (update forthcoming) and the professional players were busy catching flights to the event.

On location today we have Brandon Mason doing event reporting and videography, and veteran photographers Jack Polumbo and Matt Dawson capturing the action. Speaking of Matt Dawson, he will be at the event collecting material for his periodical “Feature This”. Be sure to stop by and say hello, we are pretty easy to find with our cool blue Pro Paintball T-shirts on!