propaintball-iconToday, like yesterday, has so far featured some one-sided games accompanied by a few closer, nail-biter matches. It’s obvious that some teams came to play (i.e. Aftershock). Check out the gallery below by Pro Paintball photographer Jack Palombo for photo highlights of the action.

[nggallery id=2]

Pro scores:

  • Naughty Dogs fought hard for a 6-5 OT win over the Hurricanes.
  • Chicago Aftershock dismantled the Bushwackers, 7-0.
  • Russian Legion defeated Infamous, 7-4.
  • Ironmen fought through a close, penalty-filled contest against X-Factor to win, 7-5.
  • Damage smashed Impact, 7-0.
  • Dynasty went 7-0 against the Hurricanes.
  • San Diego Aftermath wins 7-2 over Naughty Dogs.
  • Philly troused the Bushwackers, 7-0.

Semi-Pro scores:

  • XSV had a close one against Mutiny, but pulled it out at 7-5.
  • Mystery Machine took the first two points against Aftermath II, who then came back swinging hard to win the match 7-2.
  • Vicious 7-0‘d GC Mafia.
  • RNT Allstarz came out on top of a close match against the Vipers, winning 7-5.

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