propaintball-iconThose that play paintball competitively know that Sunday is the day the real tournament begins. Teams spent the week reworking battle plans and rotating players as they fought for their seat in the highly sought after “Sunday Club”.

Professional Match Scores:

  • 1/2 Finals – Russian Legion take 1st Place in Chicago Open 2009 after defeating SD Aftermath 7-1
  • 3/4 Finals – The defending champion Philadelphia All Americans beat Dynasty7-3
  • Semis 1 – Russian Legion defeated Dynasty 7-6
  • Semis 2 – Aftermath beat the Philly Americans 7-6
  • Quarters 1 -Dynasty took out Aftershock 7-3
  • Quarters 2 – SD Aftermath beat Infamous 7-5

Semi-Professional Match Scores:

  • 1/2 Finals -Aftermath II took first place in Chicago, beating XSV in the finals, 7-2.
  • 3/4 FinalsVicious defeated RNT in a hard-fought match, 7-5
  • Semi Final 1 – Aftermath II defeated RNT Allstarz 6-3
  • Semi Final 2 – XSV stomped Vicious 7-0

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