Chicago Open Paintball Tournament – Saturday Scores

*Note: The webcast issues are still being resolved, but the PSP is adding each game to PSP TV as the games are concluded.

It’s day four of the tournament and the Semi-Pro and Pro teams are playing their last preliminary matches. Look for some teams to try to make some last-minute moves as tensions start to rise about making it to Sunday. The scores from today will be updated below:


  • Russian Legion beat the Americans, 7-6.
  • San Diego Aftermath feasted on the Ironmen, 7-3.
  • Tampa Bay Damage won their match against the New England Hurricanes, 7-5.
  • X-Factor defeated the Bushwackers, 7-3.
  • Infamous beat Impact, 6-4.
  • Chicago Aftershock took a 7-3 win over the Naughty Dogs.
  • Russian Legion won, 7-4, against Aftermath.
  • The LA Ironmen beat Dynasty, 7-3.
  • Philly Americans beat Tampa Bay Damage, 7-1.


  • Atlanta Edge beat the Palm Beach Vipers in a close, 7-6 match.
  • Vicious took it to XSV, 7-0.
  • Aftermath II beat RNT Allstarz, 7-6, in OT.

In other news, the webcast is still down due to technical difficulties. According to Keely Watson:

“The equipment that was supposed to be brought in last night to fix the problem unfortunately was redirected to cover the death of Michael Jackson. Our staff is currently hard at work to find an alternative solution. Please check back at 10:30am CST for further information.”

We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!