Note: The webcast is up! Check it out here.

The action kicked back up this morning with some solid matches. Check below for today’s scores, updated regularly:


  • Infamous beat the LA Ironmen, 7-4.
  • Russian Legion took a 7-3 win from X-Factor.
  • Dynasty beat Impact, 7-2.
  • Aftershock came out on top of Damage, 5-4.
  • The Philadelphia Americans beat the Naughty Dogs, 7-2.
  • San Diego Aftermath put a 7-0 beating on the Bushwackers.
  • Infamous beat the Hurricans in overtime, 6-5.
  • X-Factor beat Impact, 5-4.
  • Dynasty squeeked by Aftershock, 7-6.


  • XSV beat Edge 7-6 in an OT win.
  • Myster Machine bested GC Mafia, 7-1.
  • Aftermath II ran through Mutiny in a 7-0 match.

As an update to the Neil Eberle rumor brewing in the chatbox, Neil had to take care of personal matters and is not playing in Chicago.

Due to technical difficulties, the PSP’s Webcast Pre-Show, scheduled to start at 12:30 CST today, has been postponed until the problem is resolved.

Additionally, we are happy to write that after receiving IV’s on Wednesday, Adam Geis was back on the field Thursday morning. Remember to stay cool, guys; it’s important!

Be sure to continue checking back for more updates from Chicago, including scores, pictures, video interviews, and a lot more!