PPB Exclusive: VICIOUS 2010 Team Geo2

TeamGEO2ClosePlanet Eclipse, VICIOUS, Violent Products and Furious have teamed up to produce one of the nicest VICIOUS guns to date. This GEO2 will feature a Violent blade trigger (not pictured) in polished red, and a VICIOUS Furious barrel. These guns are super limited, only 10 made. We are told by DSSP8NTBALL.COM that the guns are already sold out, before they even hit the shelves. Also included is a 3 year labour warranty from DSS.

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VICIOUS makes a major pick up

With all of the pro paintball players on the market these days we figured it was only a matter of time before VICIOUS made some major pick ups. Sure enough, VICIOUS has just inked a deal with a major pro paintball player. Click the image below for the announcement.


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Phoenix PSP X Factor, Vicious, Dynasty Games

This year I was unable to attend the first PSP event in Phoenix, not being able to watch the beautiful webcast that we were been blessed with all last season was a let down. To ease the pain of not being at the event, semi pro paintball team SK Moscow has released several videos of the pro games. The game footage includes the Russian Legion playing against Dynasty, Vicious, and X Factor. They are filmed fairly well, very watchable compared to some of the other stuff that has surfaced. Lets just all hope that the PSP will be bring the webcast back in full effect sooner rather than later.[vimeo width=”560″ height=”315″]https://vimeo.com/11155968[/vimeo]

Check out the full story for several additional matches

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Pro Paintball Rumor Report – World Cup Edition

The PSP World Cup is set to begin in less than 7 days. Are you and your paintball team ready to compete? Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip regarding several top teams as they prepare for the 2011 PSP World Cup Championship.