Dye and Eclipse both held a large presence at World Cup. Dye has been debuting new guns from Proto and Dye all weekend long. Both companies have brought along cameras and crew with them to help document their respective teams progress through the event. While we await the … Read More

Pro paintball team Tampa Bay Damage has unveiled a new feature length documentary project that is in progress. “Damaged” is being filmed and produced by Full Sail Productions & DFM Pictures. The documentary has launched a facebook where you can subscribe … Read More

PSP Mid-Atlantic Open is fast approaching and pro teams across the country are preparing for battle. We had the opportunity to catch up with CJ Botsolas and William Lofthouse of Tampa Bay Damage after the recent Damage vs. Ironmen practice. … Read More

Hard fought paintball matches were had all day at the University of Phoenix Stadium today. This morning started off with pro teams Houston Heat and Tampa Bay Damage battling one another in the prelims. Ironically, the day ended with both teams facing off again in the finals for first and second.

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This weeks ProPaintball.com Player of the Week goes out to Jacob Edwards. The last name says it all, the younger brother of Jason “FK” Edwards is out on the grind and quickly making a name for himself. At 14 years old, this week he will be making his Professional Debut with Tampa Bay Damage at the USPL Huntington Beach.

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After a long game of give and take, the Ironmen defeated Tampa Bay Damage by a one point margin. During the match, Oliver lang ran through the center of the field, pausing at the 50 cake, and then charging down … Read More

The paintball world cup was an amazing success. Over 270 paintball teams converged in Polk City, Florida to compete against the best 5 man teams in the world. According to the PSP, event spectating was at an all time high … Read More

Pro Paintball teams from across the nation will be battling it out this weekend in Huntington Beach, CA. As this is the season opener, nearly anything can happen. Last year we witnessed several shockers including series leader DC Arsenal losing out to Oakland BLAST in the overall championship and relative new comers San Francisco Explicit winning matches against former Triple Crown Champions San Diego Dynasty.

This year, Vancouver Vendetta and Newport Entourage will be making their pro paintball debut. Throughout the off season, teams like Edmonton Impact, Tampa Bay Damage, San Diego Dynasty, St. Louis Avalanche and Los Angeles Infamous have been stacking their rosters with national champions from years prior. As we go into the first event, everyone here at Pro Paintball is very excited and we are all placing bets as to which teams will be leading the pack.

With all of this in mind, we are proud to open this story for your NPPL HB team predictions. If you are lucky enough to predict the top 4 teams in the pro division we will award you with a prize. Our prizes include T-Shirts from Sly Equipment, San Francisco Explicit and Pro Paintball.com, barrel wraps from Paintball Photography and DLX Technologies, and headbands from PBheadbands.com

For extra credit, feel free to share your predictions for divisional paintball teams.

Read on for the official pro paintball team list and be sure to place your top 4 picks in the comments below.

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Todays paintball news and rumor report covers several MAJOR adjustments to a handful of high profile pro paintball teams. Read on for the latest paintball news featuring Dynasty, Tampa Bay Damage, the All Americans, VICIOUS, Aftershock, Infamous, and the Ironmen. Talk about power moves..

Update: Ollie Lang has released a video update discussing the latest rumors.

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Congratulations to pro paintball team Tampa Bay Damage, winners of the 2010 NPPL Chicago Open. Tampa Bay Damage won using DYE paintball guns and RPS Paintballs from KEE Action Sports. To learn more about Tampa Bay Damage, be sure to … Read More

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/9657432[/vimeo] For more information on Florida’s pro paintball team, check out TBDamage.com.

ProPaintball team Tampa Bay Damage unveils the Damage NT-11 paintball gun.