This weekends PSP MAO is shaping up to be an exciting event. The battle is sure to heat up as Tampa Bay Damage, Edmonton Impact, LA Infamous and several other teams are set to go head to head. Pro Paintball’s sports analyst takes a look at the former World Champions, Boston Red Legion, and explains how close they really are to making their way back into the final four.

Rumors are circulating that Justin Rabackoff is no longer with the Russian Legion. We followed up with our sources within the Russian Legion and have confirmed that no cuts have been made.  JRab is still with the team.

The Russian Legion would like to thank their sponsors after another great season in professional paintball.

Matt Blonski of pro paintball team Russian Legion provides a glimpse of what the team is going through after the teams 2nd place finish at PSP Galveston.

The Philly Americans take out Russian Legion after a 0-2 start. Returning the unanswered points, Philly ran the same lineup multiple times and came out hard with Tim Montressor running from snake corner into the fifty point after point. Philly … Read More

russianlegionEarlier this week we received a top secret report indicating that the number one pro paintball team in the world, Russian Legion, was making major changes to the teams sponsorship for 2010. Historically, the Russians have been a very secretive team. With that being said, we put out a bunch of phone calls and emails trying to figure out if any of our sources had additional information. Here is what we found..

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