In this weeks Friday Frag, Josh Foote tackles the issue of forming your first paintball team. How many players do you need? What are you getting yourself into? Read on!

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Friday Frag. In our last edition we left you with a question “what do you think the most important task is prior to game on?” If you haven’t guessed it from reading the article, that is Walking The Field!!! I can not stress enough how important it is to know the firing lanes, where bunkers are placed and everything else that involves you playing paintball all day. This is something that is not only limited to a particular form of paintball, as anyone who is serious about playing, will walk the field prior to game on.

With that being said, this edition is going to be focusing on playing the first event.

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Living Legends 5, the Dark Age, is setting up to be another record setting scenario paintball event. Read on for two exciting developments.

The biggest scenario paintball game of the year, Oklahoma D-Day, is going to start next Saturday, June 6th. Read on for a bit about what your missing, and for those of you going, a video orientation. The event looks like its going to be a ton of fun!

Empire BT Paintball have teamed up with fields across the world to launch the largest scenario paintball game in history. The event takes place this Saturday, September 24th. Sign up, find a field near you and come make paintball history.

Tippman kicks off the scenario paintball challenge in Canada. Check out the video from BuyPBL from the recent event at Paintball Mirabel.

Tippman and BuyPBL recently hosted an Apocalypse Now themed scenario paintball game. Check out the great paintball video highlighting the action and several player interviews.

Our friends at Understood will be at the Invasion of Normandy scenario paintball event with some really fresh looking paintball goods available for sale. Read on for a sneak peak at the Invasion of Normandy un-official event shirt and a few words from JB.

Call of Duty, the billion dollar video game franchise, is hosting a multi-million dollar scenario paintball tournament. Scenario paintball players and attendees will be able to play the newest Call of Duty prior to release. Details inside!