406's Finest. Unstoppable.

For more up to date info on Pro Paintball Teams, check out our Stars section 1. The team basically started together at the 2009 phoenix open, in late 2008 there was

New PRO Paintball Power Rankings

We are proud to present our second version of the new PRO Paintball Power Rankings. Read on to find out where your favorite pro paintball team ranks amongst the worlds elite.

All-American Paintball Park Closed

This past week was the last time players could take advantage of All American Paintball Park's great facilities, for the time being. As the Smart Parts proceedings continue, one may

Paintball Under Siege in Berlin

German SEK (SWAT equivalent) teams have raided a hall in Berlin in which a paintball tournament was being held. Over 100 paintballers are unable to leave and may have their markers destroyed, around sixty of which have been seized. Much more info inside!