Rumor of the day: College Paintball to air FREE! webcast

televisionMany paintball players and fans were upset after the recent announcement that the PSP would not be able to air their high quality webcast at the pro paintball season opener in Phoenix. With that being said, it looks like College Paintball is making a big push into the homes of Sports fans nationwide. Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip from the NCPA.

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Purdue wins College National Championships

After a series of hard fought points, the Purdue Boilermakers from Lafayette, Indiana emerged victorious against Ohio University Bobcats. The X-ball match was tied up at half time and the Boilermakers ultimately defeated the Bobcats 8-4. After being defeated 11-5 … Read More

2009 College National Paintball Tournament on FOX College Sports

ncpaChris Raehl and the folks over at Fox College Sports have yet again brought College Paintball to your TV. The National Collegiate Paintball Association hosted the 2009 National Championships at Central Florida Paintball this past April. Many teams flew across the country to play free paintball on the College dime although only one became the champion. Purdue University rostered the talents of pro paintball players and came back after a tough 2008 finish. Watch the first point of the Championship match up below, and then set your TIVO or DVR for the scheduled dates below to get full coverage!

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Drexel wins College Paintball Championships!

Student athletes from across the country converged at Central Florida paintball park to compete in the College Paintball Championships, hosted in part by Fox College Sports, Empire Paintball and Dye Precision. Read on for the event results and a write up from the event.

drexel paintball team

Updated @ 10:00pm PST: Added links to college paintball photo galleries.

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