School of Paintball – Puerto Rico

Pro Paintball has had the chance to sit down with the owner of School of Paintball in Puerto Rico. Pro paintball players such as Billy Bernacchia and pro paintball coach, Marc Lancia. Here’s what Robert Guzman had to say:

4447 94868007805 511267805 2645639 3492234 nSchool of Paintball was created for those players that didn’t have a facility to develop their game to another level; with a combination of other elements that make paintball and all other sports a completed one. During April 2009, Robert Guzman, owner of Mindbreaker Paintball Field in Puerto Rico, was committed to change paintball. In the northwest side of the island, there were no facilities to meet PSP field regulations. To make matters worse, all the paintball fields were only open on Sundays. Robert began opening every Monday and Thursday to emphasize on techniques, good physical workout, and following up students with their grades in school; the goal was to have a complete player on and off the paintball field.

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LAPPL Event #2 – Ecuador

Billy Bernacchia has just returned home from his second trip to the LAPPL playing along side team Peru Paintball. Here’s what he had to say: This was a big South American event in a soccer stadium. Myself and Brian Gigliotti … Read More