German SEK (SWAT equivalent) teams have raided a hall in Berlin in which a paintball tournament was being held. Over 100 paintballers are unable to leave and may have their markers destroyed, around sixty of which have been seized. Much more info inside!

The Youth Cup brackets have been published as teams from across the world prepare to converge on the Millennium Cup. The Millennium Cup will held 9/30-10/2/11 at Euro Disney in Paris, France.

The Millennium has just release the layout for the upcoming European Master. The tournament is scheduled to get underway on May 21-23 in Bitburg, Germany. After all the mayhem that took place in Malaga, some games will have to be made up in Germany but the game schedule is still unknown.

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ProPaintball reader Nima Razavi came across some footage covering the World Games that took place in Taiwan this past July.  Our Paintball News from July included the round up coverage and there was a large discussion from readers who we’re quick to clear up any ambiguities about this event! Great to see another great international event that will help our our sport of pro paintball for years to come.

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GoBeyond Paintball Magazine have unveiled their latest edition entitled “This is not a sport”. The magazine is loaded with amazing paintball photos and a mouthful of sarcasm. Check it out!

HyBrid Foto is the premier media partner of the Millennium Series. Their work is far and away the best stuff from “the other side of the pond”. We’ve got a couple of their edits from last weekend’s Millennium Event 1 … Read More

The internet went wild a few days ago at the prospect of the German government considering a proposal to ban the sport of paintball and laser tag within the German border. The proposal was in response to the terrible school … Read More

Frankfurt Syndicate stands as a top contender in the Millennium series. Coached by Russian Legion’s very own Kirill Prikhidni, they’ve decided to create a 5 episode series for their 2010 progress throughout the Millennium Series. We had a chance to catch up with Frankfurt Syndicate’s Patrick Wrobel so he could share some more details.

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The Millennium London is getting off to a surprisingly smooth. The weather is good, the players are happy and the fields look perfect. Pro Paintball correspondent Allen Bakshiy is on the scene supplying us with photos and updates from the event. For those of you at home (or in the office), read on as we provide our day-1 report.

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Teams from Japan, Iran, Australia USA and others recently competed for the championship title at the PALS Event #2. Read on for a report and paintball video by Team USA and final event results.

October 1st-3rd in Paris was the final weekend for the 2010 Millennium season. Dynasty/Impact dominated the first two tournaments taking home two first places. London the 3rd event didn’t go as well and the team ended up going home in 5th. Paris went a little better with the team … Read More

CPL – Quarter Finals: San Diego Dynasty Impact 5-0 Oslo Menace SK Moscow 5-1 Toulouse Tontons Frankfurt Syndicate 5-1 London Nexus Chilli Peppers Riga 5-0 Ramstein Instinct Semi Finals: SK Moscow 5-0 Chilli Peppers Riga San Diego Dynasty Impact 5-3 … Read More

The Millennium Series has unveiled a paintball video highlighting a ton of awesome paintball action from the 2011 season. Set up as a trailer, this action packed paintball video promotes the upcoming St Tropez Millennium Series opener.

The Millennium Bittburg results are now online. The top 8 from the CPL division are as follows. More to come.. Art Chaos Marseille icon Ramstein instinct Frankfurt Syndicate Dynasty / VICIOUS SK Moscow Ton Tons Flingueurs London Nexus