ProPaintball reader Nima Razavi came across some footage covering the World Games that took place in Taiwan this past July.  Our Paintball News from July included the round up coverage and there was a large discussion from readers who we’re quick to clear up any ambiguities about this event! Great to see another great international event that will help our our sport of pro paintball for years to come.

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Read More is proud to present a sneak peak at one of this years most highly anticipated product releases. Read on for the official specs of the new Intimidator G6R by Bob Long Technologies.

This is Part 4 of the Unemployable Series from the Emortals Volume 1 DVD. If you missed the previous three, we’ve linked them below!

This weeks Player of the Week goes out to Jacob Edwards. The last name says it all, the younger brother of Jason “FK” Edwards is out on the grind and quickly making a name for himself. At 14 years old, this week he will be making his Professional Debut with Tampa Bay Damage at the USPL Huntington Beach.

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Frankfurt Syndicate stands as a top contender in the Millennium series. Coached by Russian Legion’s very own Kirill Prikhidni, they’ve decided to create a 5 episode series for their 2010 progress throughout the Millennium Series. We had a chance to catch up with Frankfurt Syndicate’s Patrick Wrobel so he could share some more details.

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Pro Paintball has just received word that Planet Eclipse has launched their new SL marker at the Paintball Extravaganza. The word on the street is they will be producing a very limited quantity, 300 to be exact, and only 200 of those will be shipped to the USA.  We don’t quite know the specs of the marker, feel free to speculate in the comments.

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Following the launch of teammate Brandon Shorts website, Nicky Cuba of the Los Angeles Ironmen has launched his very own website @ Nicky’s website features biographical information, regular updates and the ability to purchase NuSkool and Nicky Cuba signature … Read More

Photographer and Paintball Player Ben Johnson was able to get the best of both sides of the field this weekend at the Vicious RaceTo Series Event #2. ProPaintball caught up with both of them following last Saturday and Sunday’s event at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Check out the Photo Gallery Inside

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Planet Eclipse is teasing a new paintball gun just in time for the Paintball Extravaganza this week. Could this be the EGO 11 everyone is talking about?

Pro Paintball players Tyler Harmon and Greg Sewiers attempted to sneak a Bob Long G6R into Capital Edge Paintball Park on Sunday.