In this weeks Friday Frag, Josh Foote tackles the issue of forming your first paintball team. How many players do you need? What are you getting yourself into? Read on!

Maybe you, your kids, or your friends are about to go paintballing for the first time, and you are wondering, how bad does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?  The short answer is not very bad, but it … Read More

Paintball is a demanding sport. Players leap over or under barriers, dive into the ground, and collide against walls or objects. Even though the game is highly physically demanding, the majority of welts and bruises are from, you guessed it, paintballs. … Read More

Empire Mini GS Review

Whether you are a veteran or new to the paintball community, you will run into products from the Empire Paintball company. One of their most popular options for paintball markers, the Empire Mini, has seen two upgrades where the technology … Read More