Ninja Paintball, a leader at providing quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA, has released an important safety advisory regarding the use of ALL compressed air cylinders.

Artifact Episode 6, “The Reason” follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete all the way to the finals of 2010 World Cup of Paintball, and attempt to define themselves against both their peers, and the legacy they have inherited from one of the winningest teams in the history of professional paintball.

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In the first of this feature, we showcase UN1TED Clothing. Read on to learn about the company and to find out how your company can be showcased on!

It’s not often that a genuine scoop pops into your inbox, but tonight we’ve received just that. An email claiming to be from a company with big plans and some cool ideas. We’re not totally sure what this is or … Read More

ProPaintball’s very own SKYNET is online and ready to rock! Yes, you read that right. SKYNET is now self aware thanks to the hard work of Gilbert Rossignol and the rest of the ProPaintball terminators. Now Gilbert is all jacked … Read More

With today’s kickoff of the PSP World Cup, tensions are high as teams walk the fields and prepare for tomorrow’s first games. As has been tradition for years over, vendors from around the world have come together to show off, and introduce, the latest and greatest in paintball gear.

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Tyler Harmon is one of the most respected professional players in the league. He sits down and talks about event one of the NXL, as well as what he does to stay at the top of his game in the NXL Professional paintball league.