The PSP Galveston Rumor Report is off to a great start. Bookmark this page to stay tuned to the latest from the PSP season opener.

ProPaintball talks with Lane Wright and sets the record straight on the Valken and DYE controversy. Read on for the official scoop. inside sources have informed us that the PSP is holding a big meeting at an un-disclosed location in San Diego today. Sources tell us that several industry heavy-weights will be sitting alongside select tournament series owners. Any idea as … Read More

The last few weeks have been noticeably quiet in the paintball rumor mills. After the pre-season rush of pro paintball teams picking up players and making roster adjustments, many teams and players have settled into the season. However, recent reports indicate that a few pro paintball teams are making moves. Read on for the latest pro paintball news and rumors.

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The road to the NPPL 7-man season opener in Huntington Beach is heating up. Pro Paintball teams from across the nation are making last minute preparations to insure their rosters are on point and their game plans are set. Read on for the latest paintball news from Tampa Bay Damage, DC Arsenal, Portland Naughty Dogs, San Diego Dynasty and Edmonton Impact.

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propaintball-iconAfter a seemingly quite couple of weeks, pro paintball teams are once again making moves. This week we showcase the latest news and rumors from San Francisco Explicit, Scottsdale Elevation, Entourage and more. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors for the week of December 14th.

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Rumors have been circulating around the paintball industry that DLX Technology would be ramping up production and making a full return to the paintball industry in 2010. In the last week the rumor mill went into over time with reports … Read More

Is pro paintball going back on television? Will paintball at the X-games become a reality? Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip concerning the National Professional Paintball League and television network ESPN.

A ton of new merger rumors are floating around the paintball community. ProPaintball has shared these rumors raw and uncut. We leave you to form your own opinion. Check it!