Pro Paintball team NE Hurricanes 2010 Ego and Frank Connell

hurricanesA few weeks back there was a rumor floating around that the NE Hurricanes and St. Louis Avalanche pro paintball teams might be merging for the 2010 season. While we can’t confirm or deny the teams merging, it is interesting to note that the following photo features Frank Connell with a 2010 NE Hurricanes Planet Eclipse Ego.

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Rumor of the day: College Paintball to air FREE! webcast

televisionMany paintball players and fans were upset after the recent announcement that the PSP would not be able to air their high quality webcast at the pro paintball season opener in Phoenix. With that being said, it looks like College Paintball is making a big push into the homes of Sports fans nationwide. Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip from the NCPA.

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Aftermath making moves for World Cup

aftermathFollowing on the heels of our Monday Rumor Report, we’ve learned that pro paintball team SD Aftermath is in the midst of adjusting thier roster for the currently undefeated Aftermath II squad. Yesterday we unvieled that former Infamous/Bushwacker Shane Howe had joined the team. We’ve just learned that he will be joined by

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DLX Rumor

LUXEIt’s no secret that DLX’s parent company Smart Parts is undergoing a series of financial setbacks that have impacted its ability to function in the marketplace. With that being said, tournament players world wide have been wondering what the future holds for the Luxe, DLX’s flagship marker. With the slow economy, inventories of luxury items typically back up as buyers reign in their spending. Not so with the Luxe. If rumors serve us right, DLX has been unable to keep up with the demand for its premium paintball guns and they continue to fly off the shelves. With that being said, the rumor that follows may shock you.

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RUMOR: PSP MAO at Six Flags Great Adventure

Back in February we were hearing a lot of rumors suggesting that the PSP MAO event would not be held at PBC in Rock Hill, SC. Most suggestions pointed to OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD. Today, we got word via the Smack Box of a different location.