The following is a guest post by Mike Zapantis. Mike talks about how we can reduce the environmental impact of paintball and clean up our local parks.

How can we, as paintball community members revive paintball? What are we missing? Is it television and video games, or exciting fields and marketing tie ins? Grass roots marketing, or commericial advertising?

This weeks discussion focuses on the recently PSP layout and provides an opportunity to share your thoughts about field play, timing, and training for events.

Today we present a few questions on the subject of sponsorship. Both teams and manufactures are evaluating their options for the 2011 season. Check out the questions, share your opinion and maybe poise a few questions of your own.

The Pro Paintball Power Rankings have returned, and we dive into where each team in the league ranks and why they ended up there.

Its not too often that we as paintball players and fans get to see the pro fields from the eye’s of a pro. Tim Montressor of Chicago Aftershock has put together a few thoughts on the recent Phoenix Open, PSP’s season opener. Tim discusses the ever changing sponsorship, the disputed “over time rule” that affected X-Factor, and competitive paintball.

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Thank you. Thank you all! You’re all too kind! I really couldn’t have made it here without… [cue the creeping Jaw’s theme, the realest addition to the ceremonies in 85yrs of running]… YOU BETTER WRAP THAT OFF-SEASON UP, B!.. So … Read More

The following is an opinion piece written by Aleksey Kunyavsky Royt. Aleksey asks players to enjoy the game, stop bashing others, and support our local paintball stores. Sounds easy enough on paper, but is it too tall an order for todays new paintball players? Sound off in the comments below!

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Division 1 teams draw the most polarized opinions from their fellow PSP players. When there’s praise, it’s lauded. When there’s criticism, it’s brash. Some teams are deserving of their judgement, others are far from it. One consistency in the debate … Read More

Players, coaches and their fans have long debated the pro’s con’s of sideline coaching. Today’s opinion piece lays out several points and offers a few thoughts on the issue. Read on!

So the world found out yesterday that Tyler Harmon made the move to Houston Heat. Why?! The big payday right?! There is much more to it. Let’s take a look at why. 

Today we present panelist #1, Don Besancon from Sly Equipment. Read on for his thoughts and opinions on the paintball league merger, or lack thereof and discuss your own.