Interview with Jeff Stein of the New England Hurricanes

hurricanesFollowing on the heels of Tuesdays announcement that the Hurricanes were withdrawing from pro paintball we received an interesting request. An anonymous reader known to only as the “Information Merchant” dropped us an email with a request to publish an interview he was conducting with Jeff Stein, owner of the NE Hurricanes. From the looks of it, the Information Merchant put Jeff through the wringer. The interview that follows is hard hitting and provides a great opportunity for the community to view the thought process behind the decision..

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VFTD Presents Pro*file: Billy Bernacchia

Baca Loco over at View From The Dead Box has introduced a new series entitled, Pro*files! Taking up and coming stars in the sport of pro paintball, and bringing them into the light of the online paintball community (hopefully readers outside as well). The Pro*file’s will feature both paintball players that have become household names, along with those individuals many of us will become much more familiar with throughout the coming months. Check out what Baca Loco uncovered on Billy Bernacchia of pro paintball team Vicious!

billy bernacchia

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Paintball's Up & Coming player of the week: Kyle Spicka

kyle spickaPro paintball player Marcello Margott of LA Infamous recently caught up with Kyle Spicka of San Diego Aftermath and asked him a few questions. Read on as Marcello interviews Pro Paintball dot Com’s up and coming player of the week.

Marcello says; “Kyle Spicka is on his way to the top. I have known this kid for the past 4 years and I have seen nothing but improvement. If he keeps up his hard work, dedication, and a level head, he could very well become one of the best players in the world. With his size, speed and athleticism, sky’s the limit for young spicka. Kyle and I have become very good friends over the past year and I definitely admire his drive, heart and motivation on and off the paintball field. I thought I would give you all a chance to learn a little more about him so here it is.”

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Ask GI Milsim: Richmond Italia's camp on 50cal paintball

propaintballIn just a few hours will be interviewing Richmond Italia regarding the .50caliber paintball and GI Milsim. During World Cup 2009, Chris Lasoya gave Pro Paintball a first look at  the new Nano marker and 50cal paintballs. Paintball mastermind Richmond Italia and pro paintball player Chris Lasoya have both made themselves available to answer our questions and bring us up to speed on the progress of .50cal.

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upton 187 paintball

The 411 on upTon 187 Paintball Team

This week’s featured team is upTon 187. The 187 crew has powered through the 2011 season and finished the season on top in division 1. ProPaintball’s JJ Roth caught up with Dave Painter after the teams 2011 PSP World Cup win for an exclusive interview. Player of the Week: Sinan Cinaroglu

12141 1118231247931 1591516297 30278357 6903966 nThe South Eastern region is a hub that has played host to many pro paintball players who have risen to the top competitive level. This week’s spotlight goes to Sinan Cinaroglu of the Palm Beach Vipers. Team owner Ken Bryson has had numerous individuals pass through his camp over the years, but Sinan is an individual who has more than earned his keep, and stayed humble all along the way.

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Pro Paintball player of the week: Aaron Tholey

This week’s pro paintball player of the week is Aaron Tholey. Aaron has been in the pro ranks for a few years now and has played with several top pro paintball teams including Chicago Aftershock and Sacramento XSV. Most recently, Aaron and his buddy Tommy O’Donnell have built a pro team of their own, Indianapolis Mutiny. Baca Loco from VFTD recently caught up with Tholey for an interview. Read on for an inside look at the life of a Mid-West pro paintball player.

tholey nppl

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