All-American Paintball Park Closed

tour r3 c7 f2This past week was the last time players could take advantage of All American Paintball Park’s great facilities, for the time being. As the Smart Parts proceedings continue, one may speculate as to how long until this field is back up and running. The All-American paintball park, is no longer taking private groups as of April 18th 2010. All future events have also been cancelled.  Officials are expected to make their public announcement very shortly.

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save paintball california

Save Paintball in California! Open Letter from Paintball Manufactures

The following is an open letter from paintball manufactures and paintball field operators concerning the Anti-Paintball and Airsoft proposal that is in the process of becoming law. We at ProPaintball encourage those of you in the state of California and across the United States to take this issue very seriously. This is not a drill.

Pro Paintball: Weekend Edition

This weekend we have several important stories and features scheduled for your viewing pleasure. Please be sure to tune in over the weekend as we continue to cover pre-season paintball developments. Along those lines, our PRO paintball insiders have tipped … Read More