The Canadian Paintball Players League has released the field layout to the 2011 Canadian Triple Crown paintball event.

According to the league;

For 2011 the TRIPLE CROWN will offer more choice than ever before. Teams will choose from 5 Divisions, and 3 formats. 5Man, 7Man, and the popular X-Division formats, all offered at the same event. This has never been done before, by any league, or series. This is another groundbreaking move by the CPPL and its affiliate leagues, in its attempt to accommodate all paintball players, and all formats.

Space in the event is VERY limited. Please don’t miss out by waiting till the last minute. Some divisions will only have 6 spots available. Don’t wait!!!

Dates: June 11-12, 2011

Host Hotel: Your host hotel will once again be the waterfront Prestige INN. This is the nicest property in Salmon Arm and we will have a unique booking code soon that will get teams the best price and value for their accommodations.

Check out the official league website at


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