OC BushwackersJust 3 months ago, San Diego Dynasty and Orange County Bushwackers were battling it out for first and second place at Qualcomm stadium. Now, just 7 days before the 2009 season is set to begin, we have received word that Draxxus has released the Bushwackers in the middle of a 2-year contract. We are unsure as to why Pro-Caps would have waited until the last minute to inform the team of their decision, but can only imagine that it was a with them being a top rate team that it was a difficult decision to make.With Ron Kilbourne’s lengthy history in tournament paintball (a whopping 25+ years), we expect that this is not the first time a company has failed to hold to its end of the bargain. Ron has been a dominant force in California paintball scene and we can only expect that his team will be pushing a new brand of paint throughout the region shortly.

At a recent “PB Industry” meeting we learned that the OC Bushwackers have taken over the operation of Hollywood Sports Park’s Stadium and will be running a new tournament operation on the weekends. For those familiar with the Southern California Paintball scene, Gio, owner of HSP, has been comparing this proposed stadium. to that of the immensely successful Whittier, CA private field. The new park will be renamed the Bushwacker Battleground, after its home team. Good luck to the Bushwackers!

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