PPB Exclusive: Bob Long G6R Intimidator Specs

A few months back, PRO Paintball published a sneak preview of the new Intimidator G6R, showing off the internals and a providing a first look at one of this seasons most highly anticipated paintball gun releases. Master engineer and veteran pro paintball player Bob Long has returned to his roots to redesign one of the best selling electronic markers in competitive paintball, the Intimidator. Paintball history buffs will recall the original Intimidator prided itself on speed and efficiency, setting standards for paintball guns for years to come.

bob long g6r intimidator gen six protege vice
New Bob Long G6R

G6R Paintball Gun Specs, a PRO Paintball Exclusive;

Classification: Generation 6 Intimidator
Configuration: Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve.
Barrel Thread Type: Autococker
Included Barrel: Bob Long 14” One-piece Tournament .685 Bore
Included ASA: Gen 6 Intimidator On-off
Intended Propellant: Compressed air or nitrogen only!
Intended Propulsion Speed: 230-300FPS (feet per second)
HPR Pressure: 160-180psi
LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
Estimated Shot Count: 2100+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
Motherboard: Tadao Odoshi
4C Eye Compatible: Yes
4C Eye Equipped: No
Estimated Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
Trigger Activation: Micro switch
Trigger Return: Spring assist
Trigger Adjustment: Travel and Activation Point
Weight With Barrel: 1 lb. 13.7
Weight Without Barrel: 1 lb. 8.9oz