In this weeks Friday Frag, Josh Foote tackles the issue of forming your first paintball team. How many players do you need? What are you getting yourself into? Read on!

Paintball guns have been a serious part of exciting recreation for a long time now. Over the last couple of decades, as interest has increased, so has technology. What used to be the cream of the crop can hardly hold … Read More

Maybe you, your kids, or your friends are about to go paintballing for the first time, and you are wondering, how bad does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?  The short answer is not very bad, but it … Read More

Paintball is a demanding sport. Players leap over or under barriers, dive into the ground, and collide against walls or objects. Even though the game is highly physically demanding, the majority of welts and bruises are from, you guessed it, paintballs. … Read More

We are proud to present our second version of the new PRO Paintball Power Rankings. Read on to find out where your favorite pro paintball team ranks amongst the worlds elite.

This is part 3 of the 4 part Planet Eclipse documentary. Links to episode 1 and 2 after the jump.

Cassidy Sanders and PBFashion have put together another paintball master piece. Watch as the top pro and divisional paintball players compete at the PSP Chicago Open and battle it out for the Chicago title.

ProPaintball is proud to present a first look at the Hurricanes new paintball gun. Read on for statements from Billy Bernacchia (NEH) and Billy Wing of Dye Precision.

Dye Precision, Inc. announced today the signing of Professional Paintball Team Chattanooga CEP to a multi-year agreement.

This past week was the last time players could take advantage of All American Paintball Park’s great facilities, for the time being. As the Smart Parts proceedings continue, one may speculate as to how long until this field is back up and running. The All-American paintball park, is no longer taking private groups as of April 18th 2010. All future events have also been cancelled. ¬†Officials are expected to make their public announcement very shortly.

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hurricanesFollowing on the heels of Tuesdays announcement that the Hurricanes were withdrawing from pro paintball we received an interesting request. An anonymous reader known to only as the “Information Merchant” dropped us an email with a request to publish an interview he was conducting with Jeff Stein, owner of the NE Hurricanes. From the looks of it, the Information Merchant put Jeff through the wringer. The interview that follows is hard hitting and provides a great opportunity for the community to view the thought process behind the decision..

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German SEK (SWAT equivalent) teams have raided a hall in Berlin in which a paintball tournament was being held. Over 100 paintballers are unable to leave and may have their markers destroyed, around sixty of which have been seized. Much more info inside!

The Youth Cup brackets have been published as teams from across the world prepare to converge on the Millennium Cup. The Millennium Cup will held 9/30-10/2/11 at Euro Disney in Paris, France.