Blast, Infamous & SkyCam Game View

Blast Shooting the new Marq Victory came out on top at the end of Friday’s prelims having only lost one game. Sunday was a bit tougher for the team to find their rhythm against Dynasty, but they came together when it counted and managed to pull off a podium finish.

Infamous beat X-Factor by only a few points to make it into Sunday. Having gone 3-4 in the Prelims they had to step it up big time, and ended up making it all the way to the 3-4 finals.

Exclusive SkyCam view of the Oakland Blast vs. L.A. Infamous game. Infamous played the perfect textbook game and did everything right to gain a 5 vs. 2 advantage, but Bornstein had enough confidence in his corner player (Zach Long) to maintain his Defensive Wall. The two Oakland Blasters held off an Infamous 5 vs. 2 blitz and whittled them down to a 2 vs. 1 situation. Bornstein was smart to stick with stand up bunkers, improving and giving him another chance to turn the tables on Infamous. It was easily one of the most thrilling games in the finals. Good game to The Blasters and The Infamous. – Steve Quan