Besides being used by police officers and the military, shooting gloves have gained popularity among hunters and shooting competitions. These gloves are important to military and police officers since those occupations expose them to hazards that most individuals will never have to deal with. So, if you are a police or military officer or intend to go for a shooting competition or hunting, you need the best leather shooting gloves available.

For hunters, the key advantage is warmth in cold conditions and recoil reduction. However, no matter the weather, you’ll need to ensure that your hands are always protected. Numerous different gloves have been designed with the needs of shooters and hunters firmly in mind; therefore, finding the best model is not a problem. With that in mind, let’s check out the most popular shooting glove models. But before that, we need to know the importance of investing in these gloves.

Why Do You Need Shooting Gloves?

The best shooting gloves will offer protection against scrapes and cuts without limiting finger dexterity. These gloves are perfect for shooting and weapon handling since full-finger gloves can get in the way and restrict your control when pulling the trigger or switching magazines. Moreover, they are versatile. You can text, type, and handle small parts while also knowing your lower wrists, backs of your hands, and palms are protected for more intense activities such as using power tools.

These shooting gloves are more breathable and lightweight, so you can use them comfortably in warmer climates or when doing strenuous activities. Now that we understand the importance of shooting gloves let’s look at the best shooting gloves made from leather.

1. The Original MultiCam Tactical Gloves from Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear: The Original MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves – Touch Capable (Small, Camouflage)
  • Touch Capable: Touchscreen capable synthetic leather provides the perfect blend of dexterity and durability.
  • Breathable: Form-fitting TrekDry material provides evaporative cooling and helps keep hands cool and comfortable while you work.
  • Added Durability: Reinforced thumb and index finger provide added durability.

If you are looking for all-duty gloves, count on the Original MultiCam Tactical Gloves from Mechanix Wear. You can use these gloves to ride motorcycles, work with construction materials, lift heavy objects, drive cars, and shoot. They are usually flexible enough to operate the controls of firearms effortlessly. Furthermore, the plain palm is free from stitching that might impede accuracy while shooting.

The Mechanix Wear Gloves come with a textured palm surface that prevents slippage during shooting sessions. It also doesn’t alter the hand from where it is usually placed when shooting without a glove. The grip usually extends further to the finger area, promoting an improved feel on the controls, enhancing dexterity for the magazine changes.

One major advantage of these Mechanix gloves is the insulating quality of the material to handle hot weather and hot items like gas blocks and barrels. Also, the insulating quality keeps your hands warm during the cold season. Moreover, the Mechanix Wear Gloves are breathable, so your hands don’t swear when exerting yourself. Plus, they are one of the best budget shooting gloves available.


  • Made from long-lasting leather for durability
  • Inexpensive pair of tactical shooting gloves
  • Able to handle hot items like gas blocks and hot gun barrels
  • Breathable and warm for cold weathers


  • Lack touch-sensitive patches to use a phone

2. M-Pact Covert Fingerless Gloves from Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear: M-Pact Covert Fingerless Tactical Work Gloves – High Dexterity, Impact Protection,…
  • Fingerless: Fingerless design frees your thumb, index and middle finger to provide optimal control.
  • Impact Protection Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Impact Protection meets EN 13594 impact standard.
  • Reinforced Vibration Absorbing Palm: Armortex palm reinforcement provides added durability and D3O palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy.

Another glove option for the best-rated shooting gloves from Mechanix Wear. The M-Pact Convert Fingerless Gloves are made from synthetic leather material. Although they’re fingerless, these military-style shooting gloves offer great protection. They’re usually designed for heavy use. The padded palms help disperse recoil from continuous shooting, while the patented impact knuckle guard protects your knuckles with EVA foam padding. Moreover, since they are made from synthetic leather material, you can use them vigorously and then toss them into your washing machine.

If you’re looking for the best gloves for both hunting and competition shooting, you can still bet on these gloves. These gloves will help you sharpen your shooting skills and enjoy a competitive round of sporting or rimfire shooting. Besides, these gloves come with a balanced design that offers palm traction and good grip, full dexterity, and protection from recoil and impact.


  • Made from durable leather material
  • Offers palm traction and maximum grip
  • Machine washable gloves
  • Ideal for hunting and competition shooting


  • Not recommended for use in cold weather or hot conditions

3. Magpul Technical Lightweight Gloves

Magpul Core Technical Lightweight Work Gloves, Black, Medium
  • Durable synthetic construction for a second-skin fit with terry backed thumbs and touch screen capability that provide protection for active hands with minimum impact on fine motor skills
  • Tough synthetic suede palm and inner finger construction for wet or dry grip on all firearms
  • Terrycloth backed thumb area to quickly remove fogging on hunting optics and glasses

You might have come across Magpul when looking for high-quality firearm accessories. So, when looking for the best leather shooting gloves, you can bet on the Magpul Technical Gloves. These gloves are designed to be form-fitting and come with soft and elastic material. In addition, the wrist of gloves is fully elastic to help make them more comfortable. Although this prevents them from accidentally sliding off, a little effort is required to put them on and take them off.

Wearing shooting gloves helps make it easy to perform tasks requiring dexterity, like magazine loading, and these gloves are not left out. They won’t bunch up around the finger or limit movement in any way. Although they are lightweight, these gloves offer good protection in chilly weather. Additionally, Magpul Technical Gloves offer a bare hand feels that’s smooth and comfortable so that you can use your phone with them on.

Even after wearing these Magpul Technical Gloves for several hours, you’re unlikely to experience any rubbing or bunching. However, you should be aware that these gloves are not designed to handle hot objects. Therefore you should take extra care when changing your barrels. Also, though these pair of shooting gloves incorporate breathable material, your hands might sweat in hot conditions.


  • Designed for improved comfort.
  • Made from the durable, lightweight material
  • Offer good protection in chilly weather
  • Great gloves for cold weather shooting


  • Not recommended for hot weather.

4. Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves for Target Shooting & Hunting

Hatch NS430 Specialist Police Duty Glove – Black, Medium
  • One of the longest-selling duty gloves on the market, the NS430 Specialist Police Duty glove provides excellent dexterity, grip, feel and control
  • Synsi-Feel synthetic palm with Extreme-Grip reinforcements
  • Designed to be easy to wipe down & disinfect

If you intend to go out shooting with your friends, we recommend you buying the Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves. These gloves usually give you the best shot and show your full dexterity regardless the weather is cold or hot. In addition, they protect your hands and offer you the proper gripping. Moreover, the material used to make the gloves is breathable, and it doesn’t stick to your fingers or hands and provide you nice comfort.

The palms of these gloves are designed great, so whether the weather is cold or the weapon gets hot, you don’t need to worry about it. Also, the gloves give you perfect protection to your hands and fingers, including; index finger and the trigger finger. The gloves have been designed in a way that they offer you premium comfort, so you have a perfect grip without your hands being over-heated.

If you want the best shooting experience, count on these gloves. The design incorporated when making these gloves is attributed to its beautiful features, which enlighten your shooting experience more fun. However, you’ll realize that the size cannot be easily adjustable for everyone.


  • Made from durable, breathable material
  • Offer perfect protection to your hands
  • Gives premium comfort
  • Compatible in any weather


  • The size is not adjustable.

5. Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves

Caldwell Large/X-Large Ultimate Shooting Golves with Breathable Material, Padding, and Touch Control…
  • EASE OF USE: The elastic backing and fingers and rubberized palm allows for full dexterity and grip control
  • RELIABLE: Flexible material offers accurate feel and secure weapons manipulation while on duty or at the range
  • DURABLE: Lightweight, breathable material has a leather reinforcement patch to protect against slide bite

The Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves are made of neoprene materials that keep your hands warm. This material is also comfortable and helps to offer you maximum dexterity. The neoprene body is accompanied by a synthetic leather palm that usually delivers full dexterity. Also, Special Extreme-Grip patches have been sewn around the palm area and onto the fingertips, which helps you get an even better grip even when your firearm is slick with oil or rain.

The reinforced palm is designed from Synsi-feel synthetic leather that offers a better grip without sacrificing dexterity. These shooting gloves are designed to fit your hands well for better trigger control. Besides, its construction and the different sizes make it a great option for men and women who want a good pair of shooting gloves.

The sides and back of these Hatch Gloves are made from stretchy neoprene that can comfortably fit different fingers types. It offers rain and temperature protection while staying comfortable. However, these shooting glove models are not very breathable as you would expect from the “all-weather” gloves. As a result, they can get hot in warm weather sometimes.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers a snug fit
  • Great shooting glove for low-temperature conditions
  • Made from great grip material


  • Not recommended for use in hot weather

What Are the Different Types of Gloves?

1. Lightweight recreation gloves– Although these are not tactical shooting gloves, most of them are serviceable for hunting. These gloves are usually thin, flexible, and provide some level of protection against environmental elements.

2. All-terrain gloves-They are not heavily armored or padded. They have good flexibility and plenty of grips though this varies depending on what you are purchasing.

3. Bow hunting gloves- They are made from synthetic suede or other thin, durable material. They are usually designed to keep your hands warm while offering a good grip.

4. Extreme recreation gloves– These gloves are heavily padded for skiing and other winter sports. They aren’t tactical gloves, so you don’t want to use them for shooting purposes.

5. Handgun gloves- They are made from leather and have cut-off fingers for additional finger dexterity. They are not warm like other types of gloves but will offer you good recoil resistance if you’re a pistol shooter.

6. Hard-knuckle tactical gloves have molded shells sealing the knuckles, usually made from polycarbonate or Kevlar. They considerably limit full dexterity, though they keep you protected if you break a room or shoot off a wall. Again, we recommend the special police and military units.

7. Soft-knuckle tactical gloves are very similar to hard-knuckle tactical gloves though they use soft foam rather than a harder material. Conversely, they provide you more flexibility but less protection.

8. Touchscreen gloves- These gloves have touched are very flexible and are designed to keep your hands warm while letting you use a touchscreen. They are a great option for hunters who use digital devices in the field, like advanced sights.

9. Field dressing gloves- These models are not tactical gloves. They usually offer to slash protection and dexterity and have gauntlets that usually extend over your forearm. Even if you are not using them for any shooting, they are an essential part of a hunter’s field kit.

10. Needlestick gloves– They are designed particularly for law enforcement officers and protect needles. If you usually search suspects regularly, needlestick gloves are the best choice.

11. Cut-resistant gloves- These gloves are what the name suggests. They are handy for law enforcement, the military, and anyone who uses a knife regularly. However, they usually limit dexterity a bit.

What’re the Best Shooting Gloves Materials?

It mainly depends on the intended use of the gloves. Here are some of the popular materials used to make shooting gloves.

  • Leather- This material offer warmth, protection from scratches than synthetic shooting glove models, but they’re more durable.
  • Suede-This material usually keeps your hands warmer and provides more dexterity than traditional leather. They come at a higher price, but they are the best option for gloves for bow hunters.
  • Nomex- This material makes heat and flame-resistant gloves but comes with a very high price tag. Consider these materials if only you are in the military or law enforcement.
  • Kevlar or Dyneema- These materials are highly cut-resistant, and Kevlar gloves are heat and fire-resistant. If you often have to maneuver through thick brush, count on these gloves.
  • Spandex- These materials make cheaper expensive gloves and are mainly used to protect minor dings and warmth.
  • Other synthetics- These materials include nylon, rayon, and polyester. They are mainly used for warmth, though they usually stand up better than spandex.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Leather Shooting Gloves

1. The material

When looking for shooting gloves, pay attention to the materials. Some of the common materials used for shooting glove construction include polymer, nylon, or leather. Also, there are other different material options, including cotton, rubber, wool, gore-tex, and polar fleece.

In this case, we want to buy leather shooting gloves, but you need to consider the type of leather; synthetic leather or genuine leather; which one do you prefer? Besides, the choice of glove material comes down to individual preference, build quality, and comfort level. The fingertips and palms should be textured to allow you to have a solid grip.

2. Full finger vs. fingerless?

When shopping for the best leather shooting gloves, you will notice you have two different classifications; full finger shooting gloves or fingerless. Fingerless gloves usually come open or bare at the top part of the fingers, while for full finger gloves, your fingers are fully covered. Moreover, the fingerless gloves models are perfect for beginners, and their key strength is easy responsiveness and reloading. However, they are not protective enough and won’t protect you against the cold.

Conversely, the full finger gloves will protect your fingers from frostbite, particularly during winter. They also provide enough padding for effective absorption of recoil. However, they have a drawback: they make operating reloading less difficult until you get used to them.

3. Comfort and fitting

Removing your glove after every shot can take much time since it hampers the fluidity of movement and makes the whole experience an unbearable one. Therefore, your gloves should be very comfortable to wear for long and quite some time. Fit is another crucial consideration when looking for the best leather shooting gloves. Loose-fitting gloves are usually not only uncomfortable but also increase the possibility of misfiring every moment.

4. Size and design

You need to pay attention to the size chart when it comes to choosing shooting gloves. Some models are usually created with a narrow fit which could be uncomfortable if you have big hands. In some scenarios, you might need to buy a pair that’s larger than your normal wear.

Conversely, the color of the gloves is not crucial if you are using them for target practicing. Nonetheless, if you are a military, hunting, or training operation, color is vital since it helps you blend with the surroundings.

5. Padding

Padding is one of the key reasons for investing in the best shooting gloves. You need to ensure that your gloves are entirely padded to protect your hands. So, when choosing your pair, we recommend checking whether there is adequate padding. Properly padded shooting gloves will protect your hands from cuts, heat shocks recoil resulting from the shooting. Additionally, ensure the knuckle and palm area have enough padding because most of the effect occurs.

6. Grip

Accuracy is important in shooting; a fluctuation of a couple of millimeters can lead to a miss-shot. Besides, accuracy comes with grip; therefore, if your grip is slippery, it can lead to problems when handling the gun. However, the good thing is, many modern leather gloves come with the concept of grip patches. The grip patches are usually situated and sewn on the tip of the fingers and palm, save for the index finger, and it allows you to have maximum grip on the gun or pistol.

7. Climate controlled feeling

When shopping for the best leather shooting gloves, consider whether they have climate control feeling, which is usually sewn between the threads of the gloves to create a situation that allows you to cope with the environment. For example, if you are hunting or gaming in the summer, your hands are prone to get sweaty as well as slippery. Therefore, the material used should have moisture-wicking capabilities. Besides, it should have the breathability component to allowing air to flow through the gloves freely.

8. The weather conditions

Although shooting gloves are designed to adapt to any weather conditions, some gloves are usually designed with full ventilation to keep your fingers, especially the trigger finger, as cool as possible. On the other hand, some shooting gloves are designed to offer protection against cold weather. Therefore, ensure you choose a pair of shooting gloves suitable for the climate and time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Shooting Gloves

1. How tight should leather shooting gloves fit?

Shooting gloves should fit snugly than a regular cold-weather glove. Though shooting gloves offer protection and, in some scenarios, insulation from cold weather, their main purpose is to allow you to easily feel and control triggers, safeties as well as other gun parts. In addition, they allow you to grab the firearm without fear of dropping it. Moreover, proper fitting gloves ensure you feel comfortable. The manufacturers usually offer a sizing chart to enable you to make the right option.

2. Can you use leather shooting gloves for shooting bows?

Yes. You can use shooting gloves made from other materials besides leather; however, you should choose a shooting glove made particularly for archery. This usually ensures that they are durable enough for your intended use while still leaving you sufficient dexterity for dealing with a bow trigger.

3. How do I find my shooting glove size?

The right-shooting glove size for your hand usually varies depending on the certain manufacturer of the gloves you intend to buy from. Nonetheless, the main measurements you will need to know to find the appropriate glove sizes are hand length and palm circumference. Using a measuring tape, wrap it around the circumference of your palm between your forefinger and thumb. Besides, to find your hair length, measure from the middle fingertip to the base of your hand.

Additionally, when taking hand measurements, we recommend using your dominant hand to determine the appropriate size of gloves. Although both measurements are handy, use the larger of the two to ensure you choose the right size glove.

4. Are leather shooting gloves easy to clean?

The gloves are easy to clean, depending on the leather type. If you get gloves made from synthetic leather, you will need to use a cloth to clean them with ease. Conversely, if the materials are tough, you will need a more complex cleaning method, such as machine washing. Besides, some gloves are machine washable.

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