ProPaintball correspondant, Tim Cerruti covered the AZPPL’s season opener for us. Read on for the latest AZPPL paintball news and event scores.

The 2 day event started Saturday with lots of cold rain, wind, and teams getting ready for the start of the season with the AZPPL. The Arizona Paintball Players League is one of the new regional series associated with the PSP and their Race 2 format. The teams played hard in their matches fighting to play in finals on Sunday.  A decent number of spectators showed up to watch the matches even in the rain. The Sidelines were filled with people yelling and screaming trying to help their favorite teams win.

Sunday the rain decided to stop to allow for some fierce action between the lower divisional teams, and this is especially true with the premier division. In the Premier Division Nuskool went undefeated all the way through finals beating the Hellcats in a 5-2 victory. The event was run extremely well thanks to Ryan Bosch and Jay Martinez of NXe. The quality of the reffing was great thanks to Tim Schroepfer of the PSP and the Players of Scottsdale Elevation making good calls, constantly checking players, and having a good reffing structure to follow. This is definitely the best regional series offered right now in the Southwest and cannot wait to see the progress it makes over the next few events and following seasons.


1st – NuSkool ABC123
2nd – Hellcats
3rd – MPS
4th – ByF8th

1st – Biting Rabbits
2nd- NuSkool Wrecking Kids
3rd – Crash Test Dummies

1st – War Paint
2nd – Friendly Fire
3rd – Merc Kids
4th – MPS Kids

Event Photos

Teams and Scores