Jay from pro paintball team Scottsdale Elevation has released the AZPPL 2010 update. Inside there are several important updates including changes to the format, news on NXL ref’s joining the league, introduction of a premier division, and the unveiling of the 2010 schedule. We are proud to announce that this update introduces a new element of our site, the AZPPL section of ProPaintball.com. We will be increasing our coverage for the AZPPL in 2010 season and those to come.

Take my word for it folks, North American Paintball is about to get real interesting! We are proud to present the official release for the Arizona Paintball Players League.

Official update as written by Jay of the AZPPL:

“I would just like to outline some of the minor changes that we will be making for the 2010 AZPPL season, as well as put out some tentative dates.

1. For season 2 of the AZPPL we will be moving to a 3 event season.

Event 1 FAP – February 20 and 21
Event 2 Disruptive – April 24 and 25
Event 3 TBA – October 2 and 3

We are doing this to allow us to capitalize on Arizona’s best weather and to close any of the gaps that the summer months cause on a typical paintball season. Over the next year we will be able to shift the season for Arizona so that the AZPPL season will occur October through April. Season 3 will start immediately after season 2 in December and be another 3 event season which will run through April. Finally, for Season 4 we will be able to move back to a 4 event dates and run October through April.

2. Rules and format – We will be moving to a true PSP affiliate series which means that we will be adopting the Race 2 format as well as the PSP rule book.

3. Divisions – Right now our plan is to have a D3 and D4 5-Man Race 2 divisions, as well as the Premiere league. If you have previously played AZPPL you will be automatically classified as Division 3. I am aware that not all teams feel they should be classified as such, so I will be reclassifying players on a case by case basis. If you feel that you should be allowed to compete in Division 4, please send me your APPA ID# and I will review your history and make a decision from there.

4. Refs – For the season we will be bringing in Tim Schroepfer (PSP’s Ultimate Ref) to be our ultimate ref. We will also be bring in 2 NXL refs to oversee and head ref each field throughout the day.

5. Paint – Paint will be handled in the same manner as the last 2 events from the previous season. You will be able to bring your own paint as long as you purchase the paint from one of our sponsoring stores and fields.

6. Pricing – Division 4 entry will start at $300. Division 3 entry will start at $375. Entry fees will increase as the deadline approaches. Each division is capped at 15 teams.

7. Premier League- This Premier League will still be an invite only closed division. We will only be allowing one APPA semi-pro player per roster. There is currently one premier spot open and if you are interested please contact us at info@theazppl.com

8. Website will be updated shortly.

We look forward to a great 2010 season and thank everyone for there support of the league.


Jay Martinez

For further information be sure to check out the leagues official website @ TheAZPPL.com


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