Avalanche throws in the towel..

Avalanche beat the dogs out of the NXL. Credible sources have confirmed that the NXL (smart parts) would not allow Avalanche enter the event at half price and from what we understand Ed was not willing to “pay up”. Apparently the team owed last events administration fee, the NEO event fee AND this events administration fee (totaling $7,000.00!! 5,000 in event fee’s, 2,000 in league due’s) and decided it wasn’t worth it.

Had they played this event they would have qualified for World Cup in October, but unfortunately now that they have stepped out the league commissioner will not allow them to compete in what may be the NXL grand finale.

Several players have already begun reaching out to divisional teams to insure they can continue to compete in the Xball format. Get on the phone and hire one of these killers!

Editors Note: Avalanche is not dead by any means, they are ranked 5th overall in the NPPL series, trailing Dynasty by 2 points. This season is about to get real interesting!