Avalanche 2010 Pro Paintball Roster

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This year, pro paintball team St. Louis Avalanche has several returning players. They will be rocking Planet Eclipse markers with prophecy paintball loaders, empire goggles and jerseys, guerilla air tanks, NXE Paintball harness and NXE elevation series paintball pants, GXG Pods, and Violent triggers. They will be playing in the NPPL pro paintball 7 man series, check out their roster:

Frank Connell
Drew Templeton
Ian Martin
Brandon Mayo
Billy Bernachia
Thomas Mantoni
Glen Takemoto

Drew Templeton of pro paintball team Avalanche shared a few words with ProPaintball’s very own Brandon Mason:

We’re excited to have Glen and Brandon back on board with Avalanche.
HB should be a lot of fun and we are excited to get out there and see
what we can do. Big thanks to Kee and Eclipse for sponsoring us this
year as well!

Avalanche’s 2010 roster is packed with several top pro paintball players. We can only anticipate that the team will have an exceptionally strong 2010 paintball season. Best of luck guys!