Pro Paintball Scores from PSP World Cup – Day 2

Day 2 of the pro paintball qualifying round has begun at the PSP 2009 World Cup. In order for teams to continue on will need to play out the remainder of the round robin bracket and accumulate enough points to position themselves within the top 4. Teams like Dynasty, Russian Legion, the Ironmen and the […]Read More

Breaking News: San Diego Aftermath will be playing USPL in

As an exclusive update to previous news regarding Miami Rage, ProPaintball has received confirmation that San Diego Aftermath will be playing in place of Miami Rage for the next USPL event, and possibly for the rest of the season. Congratulations to Mike Hinman and the rest of the Aftermath camp!Read More

Brandon Short Leaves London Nexus

In a press release on his blog this morning, LA Ironmen player Brandon Short announced his departure from London Nexus, the team he played for in Europe. Below is what Brandon posted with regard to the situation in his blog post: Since 2007 I’ve been traveling overseas to play in the Millennium Series with DYE’s European […]Read More

Chicago Open Paintball Tournament – Saturday Scores

*Note: The webcast issues are still being resolved, but the PSP is adding each game to PSP TV as the games are concluded. It’s day four of the tournament and the Semi-Pro and Pro teams are playing their last preliminary matches. Look for some teams to try to make some last-minute moves as tensions start […]Read More

Chicago Open Paintball Tournament – Friday Scores

Note: The webcast is up! Check it out here. The action kicked back up this morning with some solid matches. Check below for today’s scores, updated regularly: Pro: Infamous beat the LA Ironmen, 7-4. Russian Legion took a 7-3 win from X-Factor. Dynasty beat Impact, 7-2. Aftershock came out on top of Damage, 5-4. The Philadelphia […]Read More

Chicago Open Paintball Tournament Thursday Score Updates

Today, like yesterday, has so far featured some one-sided games accompanied by a few closer, nail-biter matches. It’s obvious that some teams came to play (i.e. Aftershock). Check out the gallery below by Pro Paintball photographer Jack Palombo for photo highlights of the action. [nggallery id=2] Pro scores: Naughty Dogs fought hard for a 6-5 OT […]Read More

Chicago Open Paintball Tournament – Wednesday Scores

The battle for Chi-Town is definitely heating up. The games have been action packed and the barometer is reading out 100 degrees. Todays games have featured a few blow outs (sorry Mystery Machine!) and some close calls. Check out the photos below and then read on below for the latest paintball news, scores and gossip […]Read More