VFTD – Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Palm Beach Vipers,

In this weeks Major League Paintball Held Hostage update, View From the Deadbox points out some interesting classification issues with the Ken Bryson’s Palm Beach Vipers. The players in particular are Chris Lasoya, Hamen Chapman, and Matt Pelto. Also in the update, VFTD notes that WDP, DLX and Regency have joined the millenium as “Gun […]Read More

Purdue wins College National Championships

After a series of hard fought points, the Purdue Boilermakers from Lafayette, Indiana emerged victorious against Ohio University Bobcats. The X-ball match was tied up at half time and the Boilermakers ultimately defeated the Bobcats 8-4. After being defeated 11-5 and sent home by Ohio during the 2008 Nationals, the Purdue Boilermakers had a sweet […]Read More

Bart Blonski, Kali and BJ join the Hurricanes for 2009

ProPaintball.com is proud to report that the New England Hurricanes have picked up 2 star athletes and a veteran NXL coach. As posted earlier this week, Rob & Son left the Hurricanes to pursue other opportunities. This move freed up two highly sought after positions within the New England pro franchise and enabled the team […]Read More

New England Hurricane's take on the LAPPL

Just last month Brian Gigliotti and Billy Bernacchia of the New England Hurricanes went to Peru to compete in the Latin America Professional Paintball League. They played along side Team Peru Paintball and managed to take home the 1st Place Trophy. Billy had some comments about the event: Lots of fun an talent down there. […]Read More

Avalanche 2009 Roster

Earlier today we had the opportunity to speak with Frank Connell, owner and Captain of the 2009 St. Louis Avalanche. He mentioned that the team will be sticking with Planet Eclipse markers and shooting Draxxus paint. Frank mentioned that the team recently picked up star player Billy Bernacchia of the New England Hurricanes for the […]Read More

UPDATE: Phil Dominguez legal case and a note from his

Phil Dominguez, a former Avalanche / Ground Zero player & the NPPL ultimate judge, was arrested in January on trumped up weapons charges. As we reported earlier [ Fox News “OMG WE CAUGHT OSAMA” coverage & Phil’s Response ], Phil and long time friend Fridge McKay were on the way to pick up another teammate, […]Read More

NPPL Auction Dates & Assets listing

Asset Reliance Inc. has announced they will be handling the NPPL / Pacific Paintball / XPSL auction in order to raise money to repay creditors. The auction will take place Tuesday, Febuary 24th, at 11am. According to the listing, Asset Reliance will be offering several sets of rental guns and gear, 3 complete paintball fields, […]Read More

Tom Coles Ultimate Woodsball League

Tom Cole (Bad Company) is taking paintball back to its roots. The new Ultimate Woodsball league promises to bring 10-man woodsball back with a twist! This new 10-man format is a mash-up, featuring 3-10 minute periods, dead player reinsertitions, and points for holding flag-based objectives. A typical UWL field will feature 4 flags, one for […]Read More