Joy Division gets more DYE gear

According to CS@PBnation, DYE has expanded the sponsorship agreement with Joy Division. The team has been using DYE goggles and Rotor loaders, JOY Angel Fly markers, ANGEL airtime gear and eclipse pads. Croydon, United Kingdom (May 2009) – DYE Precision Limited, today announced the signing of professional paintball team JOY DIVISION to wear their highly […]Read More

Aftermath Moving and Shaking

Following the Mid-Atlantic Open, the Aftermath camp came home and made some changes. James “Kekoa” Ferguson of the undefeated AFTERMATH II and Huntington Beach D1 champs Dynasty Entourage has been pulled up the ranks and will be joining the San Diego Aftermath Pro team. Kekoa played a phenomenal game of paintball at the Mid-Atlantic Open, […]Read More

PSP Chicago 2009 Layout

Right on the heels of the Mid Atlantic Open, the PSP has released the 2009 Chicago Open layout. It appears as if they have changed up the snake this time around, one observant reader in the chatbox noted the snake “looks like a nipple”. Initially we refrained from posting because we thought it was someones […]Read More

Get RED to the Chicago OPEN!

Red, the paintball super fan, has a posse. Fans were at a loss as to why RED, featured in the recent PSP webcast promo videos, was missing from the sidelines at the Mid Atlantic Open. Countless posts and threads on pbnation later, pro players Johnny Perchak and Alex Fraige have designed a campaign to insure […]Read More

Nicky Cuba launches new website

Following the launch of teammate Brandon Shorts website, Nicky Cuba of the Los Angeles Ironmen has launched his very own website @ Nicky’s website features biographical information, regular updates and the ability to purchase NuSkool and Nicky Cuba signature series paintball products.   Check it out @ Nicky-Cuba.comRead More

Josh Davey & Edmonton Impact

When Edmonton Impact hit the field at the Mid Atlantic Open, fans could tell something was amiss. After checking out the official roster it was clear that team captain Josh Davey was missing in action. We recently caught up with Josh and learned that he was away on a business trip. Josh reassured us that […]Read More

Aftermath II stomps RNT All-Starz for 1st place

In the final battle for semi professional 1st and 2nd podium placement, Aftermath brought the pain train against RNT AllStarz and blew the team out 7-0. This is Aftermath II’s first event as a Semi-professional team, Aftermath II moved up from division 1 to semi pro after taking 1st place in Phoenix Open. Incredible paintball […]Read More

Philadelphia Americans take out Tampa Bay Damage

After an early lead, Philadelphia Americans was unable to stop Tampa Bay Damage as they retook the scoreboard quickly to tie it up. At 5-5 Philly sent Chad George into the snake 50 within the first few seconds of the point. George made a mistake that got him shot immediately, unfortunately TB Damage was not able act on it […]Read More

XSV vs VICIOUS for 3rd and 4th.

The battle between XSV and Vicious is on! XSV took the first four points by eliminating players off the break and pressing their advantage. VICIOUS looks like they are having a rough day, team members are continually getting shot out of their bunkers. In game 4, Greg Paulie tried to move down the dorrito side […]Read More

Russian Legion take the New England Hurricanes

The Russians started the match off on the right foot, winning the first point and continuing the match 5 to 0. On the 6th point, the Hurricanes battled back, taking out 3 of the Russians early in the game and slowly eliminating the remaining 2 players. The Hurricanes hung the flag and the match scored […]Read More

Ironmen defeat Damage, 7-6

After a long game of give and take, the Ironmen defeated Tampa Bay Damage by a one point margin. During the match, Oliver lang ran through the center of the field, pausing at the 50 cake, and then charging down to bunker two Damage players stuck in the back center of the field. Brandon Short […]Read More

Chris Lasoya and Palm Beach Vipers part ways

The Palm Beach Vipers and Chris Lasoya have officially parted ways. Insiders inform us that Chris and the team were having disagreements both on and off the field. This morning the Vipers had a less than impressive showing against the RNT Allstars and ultimately lost the match to RNT, final score 5 to 2.Read More

DYNASTY on Twitter!

In order to stay in touch with their fans, San Diego Dynasty has joined the instant update service known as twitter. Dynasty plans to keep fans up to date with the latest news, game scores and photos as they travel around the world shooting bad guys. Where in the world is Dynasty? Check out the […]Read More

Exclusive: First look at the New England Hurricanes Jerseys is proud to introduce the 2009 New England Hurricanes team jersey. The NE Hurricanes will be competing later this week at the Mid Atlantic Open, be sure to check them out! NE Hurricanes sponsors include Planet Eclipse, NXe, Paintball Authority, DYE Rotor and XO Paintballs.Read More

Aftermath makes the move to Semi Pro!

San Diego Aftermath and Russian Legion faced off at Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA over the weekend. The battles were hard fought and the teams went back and forth exchanging points. Russian Legion and Aftermath were busy practicing the field and making last minute adjustments to the game plans they will be using […]Read More

Edmonton Impact USPL HB Video

Impact put together a video of their recent trip to the 2009 USPL HB event. Watch below as the team defeats the dollar pranker at the beach, answers a few questions and interviews Marcus Nielsen on the rules of Dreamology.Read More