Tampa Bay Damage signs Dalton Vanderbyl

Pro paintball player Dalton Vanderbyl has signed to play with Tampa Bay Damage for the 2014 season. Damage already solid roster was recently augmented with Jason Wheeler of Moscow Red Legion. The announcement of Dalton joining the team rounds out an already solid roster and sets up Damage for an incredible season. Dalton has played […]Read More

RIP AKA Paintball Founder Larry Alexander

AKA Paintball founder and chief engineer Larry Alexander has passed on. Larry was the brains behind the AKA Viking and AKA Excalibur paintball markers. In addition to building great paintball regulators, AKA was at one point responsible for building some of the fastest paintball guns in the business. AKA later was sued by Smart Parts […]Read More

“Soldiers of Paint” Official Film Trailer

A new paintball film is now available on Netflix! Join 5,000 participants as they restage D-Day, the notorious 6th of June invasion of Normandy. Instead of bullets, it’s paintball; instead of the French coast, it’s Oklahoma. And, every year, it’s any man’s game, which means the Germans could win! Staged on a 700-acre battlefield owned […]Read More

Paintball Tank Lock from Valken

Valken Paintball president Gino Postorivo has unveiled a new paintball tank lock. This paintball tank lock is said to both increase safety and reduce liability paintball field owners. In theory, this product prevents the separation of rental paintball tanks and paintball guns which would also help protect against tank and marker loss. Here is a […]Read More

Houston Heat adds 3 more to the roster

Pro paintball team Houston Heat has made another major roster adjustment. Just last week the team added veteran pro player Thomas Taylor of Sacramento XSV. In today’s announcement, the team has plucked away 3 key players from pro team Edmonton Impact. Read on for the rest.Read More

Valken Paintball buys Sly Equipment

Sly Equipment has been purchased by Valken Paintball. While the press release below shines a positive light on this, current catalogs indicate otherwise. In 2014 the only products still active from the SLY product sku’s include the SLY Profit Paintball goggle system and a few out of stock gear bags. Sly Equipment was the brain […]Read More

[VIDEO] West Coast Open x HK ARMY

Cassidy & the HK Army have unveiled the latest in their epic series of paintball videos. Sit back, hit play and enjoy this awesome highlight reel of the PSP West Coast Open. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLtv9PbBUmM[/youtube] The PSP Paintball League came back to California this year!! The event was filled with extreme paintball action, extremely hot weather, and […]Read More

New Paintball Gun: EGO 13

Planet Eclipse has unveiled a new paintball gun for 2013, the revamped EGO 13. Incorporating a new high flow valve and completely redesigned bodywork, this new ego paintball gun is making waves within the industry. New for 2013, the Ego paintball gun has gone to a hose-less design. This allows you to tech and swap […]Read More

New Impulse Paintball Gun from JT

The new Impulse paintball gun from JT has been unveiled. The Impulse paintball gun was a popular tournament paintball marker in 2004. Redesigned by Smart Parts in 2009, the Impulse featured hinged eye covers, a q-lock feedneck, a freak barrel system, an air cushioned pistol, laser break beam eyes, and best of all, a hose-less design. Smart […]Read More

Simon Stevens leaves EMPIRE Paintball

In a move that shocked the paintball community, long time engineer/product developer/R&D wizard Simon Stevens and Empire Paintball have parted ways. Simon started his career at Empire Paintball (then National Paintball Supply) with the Empire Intimidator paintball gun. The list of accomplishments for Simon is long, but here are a few highlights; the HALO series of paintball […]Read More

Paintball World Cup ASIA 2012 x HK

Cassidy Sanders from HK Army has unveiled one of if not the best paintball video from PALS World Cup Asia 2012. Inside the video is several minutes of HD footage including game footage from Dynasty, Infamous and Impact as well as the nightlife and Malaysian countryside. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ8cPYmuwOQ[/youtube] Check out the video above for the full […]Read More

New Paintball Gun: VCOM from Bob Long

The engineers at Bob Long Direct have unveiled a new paintball gun under the Victory series. The new Victory “VCOM”, or Victory Change Over Motor, offers players the ability to switch between a SPOOLIE Engine or a Poppet Engine to run the marker. Each type of engine has its pro’s and con’s, but this is […]Read More