buys Action Village assets

Last week it was reported that Action Village had shut its doors and the company would be auctioned off in order to fund obligations to the companies creditors. When we published our original article, many questions were left open as far as who would be responsible for filling outstanding paintball gear orders, and what assets were up for auction.

According to a statement released by ANS Gear, the assets of Action Village, including their vast inventories of paintball gear, have been purchased by ANS and the companies will be merging into the ANS Gear headquarters located in Simi Valley, CA.

Paintball Skateboard BMX Airsoft Apparel and Snowboard Gear

Read on for the official press release;

ActionVillage has been one of the leading paintball and extreme sports retailers for the past decade. While focusing mainly on paintball, Action Village expanded its product offerings to include a great selection of skateboard, snowboard, bmx, airsoft and skate/snow/surf apparel. With their competitive pricing and great customer service, Action Village set the bar high throughout all of these industries.

Over the past few years, Action Village had shifted their emphasis to other sports and did not commit full focus to the one category that made them great, Paintball. We have all seen their once enormous selection of products slowly dwindle down to its current state. With their less than stellar redesign of the website combined with our country’s worsening economic conditions, we have all witnessed the demise of a once great paintball company. As it has become public over the past few weeks, Action Village has been struggling and was planning to shut down and close their doors for good.

ANSgear is proud to announce the acquisition of The combined synergies of the two companies will allow for the most dynamic paintball and action sports website in the world! With the consolidation of the two businesses, we will be able to provide one of the largest selections of extreme sporting equipment, while offering top notch customer service. Utilizing the combined 40 years of paintball experience between both companies, we will help bring to you an even bigger and better selection of equipment along with the best deals imaginable.

Over the next few months you will begin to see the rebirth of ActionVillage, a once great paintball company. Stock levels will rise, the selection of products will increase and we will bring back the Action Village that everyone remembers and loved from the “good old days” of paintball. A complete redesign and overhaul are already in the works to bring you an easy to navigate and user friendly shopping experience just like Although these changes will not come overnight, we are fully committed to making this a truly great site once again. In addition to our great staff of over 40+ current ANSgear employees, we have begun the process of filling 10 new positions that have been created due to this acquisition. ANSgear and Action Village have been and will continue to be great companies who have supported our local economies and the paintball community for years. We will continue this focus by being able to offer you the best online shopping experience for all of your paintball and extreme sports needs!

We wanted to take some time to answer a few questions in order to keep all of our customers informed of our most recent changes.

Q. Where will Action Village be located?

A. Action Village is moving into the current ANSgear location.
The current ANSgear facilities are located in Southern California. We have over 25,000sq feet of office and warehouse space to house both ANSgear and Action Village. We are also in the midst of adding yet another 15,000 sq feet of warehouse space to keep up with and continue our growth. We have a state of the art, fully packed showroom with tons of inventory along with a complete technical/repair facility. Every paintball product on the market that you could imagine is under one roof!

The ANSgear & new Action Village mailing address is:

791 Chambers Lane Units 100-140
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Q. When will Action Village be fully back up and running?

A. We expect to have everything up and running over the next two weeks.
We have already begun the process of bringing all the Action Village operations to California, integrating our systems and establishing new procedures to handle all of our customers. We will begin filling all Action Village orders over the next 1 to 2 weeks. If you need to order any equipment now, please submit your order on the fully stocked site.

Q. How do I get in contact with ANSgear or Action Village?

A. There are three easy ways to get in contact with ANSgear or Action Village at this time.
1. Live Chat: Go to and click on the Live Chat available link on the top right side bar. You will be directly connected with one of our customer service specialists who can help you with any questions or concerns.
2. Phone: We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to take your call and address any concerns you may have. Call direct, 805-522-8700 .
3. Email: You can send your Emails to [email protected] and our reliable staff will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

NOTE: All customer service options are available Monday – Friday from 8AM-6PM PST

ActionVillage and ANSgear would like to thank all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to be your go to paintball store for all of your equipment needs. We truly appreciate everyone’s support and are dedicated to giving you the best online shopping experience and customer support.

ANS and ActionVillage are two of the largest paintball gear retailers in the world. What are your thoughts on their combining assets, inventories, and staff? Will they dominate in 2012?