Aftershock takes out X-Factor

team_aftershock_logoThe grandstands chanted “AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK” and many of us were reminded of the many years when people feared the name itself. During the chant, Nicky Cuba and Matty Marshall even noted on the webcast that “Aftershock was a team to feared because you were afraid to get punched in the face.”

The match broke down quickly with over 7 minutes left to play in the end. Shock took down X-Factor after many hard fought points. The match finished up 7-3 in favor of Shock after Drew Templeton took out Colt Roberts in a 1 on 1. Colt ran passed the flag, but it slipped just between his fingers and there was no chance to try a second time. Colt then got put into a small position in the Xbox giving Templeton the advantage. Drew ended up coming out of the Towers after snapping out Colt, got the flag and walked it in to finish the match.

The chatbox has been blowing up with fans discussing X-Factor and their lack of heart compared to previous seasons. Perhaps they will come back strong after these losses and be back better than ever in time for Chicago? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!