Aftershock Semi-Pro Roster for Chicago

aftershockAs mentioned in our second PPS report, Aftershock had tryouts for their Semi-Pro squad known officially as the “Badlandz Mystery Machine“. There has been alot of smacktalk going on on the left panel of our website and this teams roster has long been a mystery. Veteran pro player Chris Lasoya has been rumored to be playing with the team but beyond that not much has been known.

The official Mystery Machine roster will feature several notable players including: Jeremy ‘the sniper’ Salm, Chad “Yaya” Bouchez, AJ Trillet, Tristan Brown, Frank Zefran, former Avalanche player Jake Whittaker, and of course Chris Lasoya. Jeremy Salm, Chris Lasoya and a whole bunch of shock talent will sure prove a tough challenge in the semi-pro division. Be sure to check out the team on the PSP webcast later this week.