Aftershock announces 3 major pick ups for 2010

team aftershock logoThe rumor mill was working over time this weekend and insiders informed us that Aftershock was in the process of signing some big name talent to the roster for 2010. Unfortunately, none of our sources were able to confirm any of the players, until now. This morning we placed a call to our friends on Aftershock who confirmed that the team had made a serious power move. Three in fact. Read on for the latest pro paintball news.

Update from Tim Montressor inside.

Pro Paintball dot Com’s Brandon Mason had the opportunity to speak with Chad “Yaya” Bouchez of Chicago Aftershock this morning. Chad said:

“Paintball in the Mid-West is definitely heating up. After a key pick up of Greg Siewers, Aftershock is continuing to add pro paintballers to the party. We are proud to announce that we have added former Philly American’s Tim Montressor, Stephen “Son” Dabilis and Sam Monville to the roster for 2010!”

Update: Tim Montressor told

“We’re all very excited to play with Chicago Aftershock for the 2010 season. The opportunity provides us the chance to play with an up and coming team that has enough talent to compete for a championship. Personally, the change in squads allows me to play with the team that defined Midwest paintball when I was growing up in Detroit. Hopefully, with some hardwork and desire, we will all be able to put the Aftershock name back to where it belongs, at the top of the podium.”

With three former All Americans joining the team there is no doubt in our minds that Chicago Aftershock will be a top contender throughout the 2010 paintball season. The Russians better watch out.. Congratulations Aftershock!