Aftershock drops DYE as a 2009 Sponsor

shockSources within the Aftershock camp have confirmed they will be shooting Ego’s for the 2009 Season. Renick and Dave Youngblood go back a long time and its hard to imagine why they would end such a long standing sponsorship now. This may be a surprise to us all, but DYE has been cutting corners left and right. Just last week they picked up JR, let Marcello and Johnny go, and decided to play in the Palm Series. What will there next power play be?

Rumors  traveling through the cbox have declared Dave Baines and Johnny Perchak going to the new Afterlanche team. ProPaintball can confirm that this is untrue. Johnny Perchak has rejoined his boys in blue for 2009, perhaps to fill another missing link? The return of one, and the departure of another. Dave Baines has left the Dynasty camp and will play the NXL with Russian Legion for 2009. Probably not much of a surprise as he played with them part time last season, and the roster caps have been showing significant changes across the board.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cruz