aftermathMike Hinman (WCPPL/SDA) and his team have been busy during the off season. For 2009, the team retained several star players from last year and picked up one of the Ironmens star players, Marcello Margott, to create an allstar line up. The team will be competing primarily in the PSP but we may see them travel abroad to compete in one European league or another. The team will be shooting the Luxe marker, Draxxus paint, DXS Grillz goggles and wearing Tanked jerseys.

Aftermaths 2009 Roster:

Alex Goldman
Steven Pitts
Raney Stanczak
Zack Wake
Robbie Pettinelli
Bobby Aviles
Marcello Margott
Danny Park
and In the hole: Heath Hoeper

Coached by:
Dan Wake
Big Shawn
Mike Grillz

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