PSP Phoenix was a success for the D1 Aftermath team, so look forward to seeing them in the Semi-Pro bracket at Mid Atlantic Open. Corey Bornstein played his first event with the camp in Phoenix, and now his elder brother Jason, has joined the team as well, to play along side the rest of the Aftermath kids. Tyler Harmon, having missed PSP Phoenix, will be back on the field in the next few weekends. He will be practicing in Sacramento against the Russians, along side his new PSP teammates, Escondido Aftermath. Tyler Harmon is a young and accomplished player who along with Jason, will be another huge addition to an already excellent roster.

With the departure of Tim “Raney” Stanczak to Dynasty Entourage, we’re still unsure of what he plans to do following the USPL Huntington Beach event this next weekend, but say posted for updates!

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